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August 4, 2017

RB Releases a Redesigned Logo

RB Logo Cover

After various designs, Robbie Boothe releases a new logo to bring the singer and his team into the future… 


As we retire the well known Robbie Boothe acoustic guitar logo that began this journey with us, we feel confident that it has served us well in representing our team, our values, and our pursuit for great music. With a strong desire to continue this pursuit however, we feel that the modern look of our new logo will help progress our music into the future.


In our extensive search for this new logo, we felt a few things were important to keep in mind above all else. First, we knew the design would need to be something easily recognized by anyone who saw it. Second, we wanted a modern look that would transport our team from its humble beginnings to the continued growth and success of our music. The culmination of these desires lead to the development of hundreds of possible logos. Only through hours of discussion was our team able to decide upon a logo that best represents our brand, and most accurately portrays our goals for the future.

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